Graph clustering by flow simulation

This page is in (a Dutchman's) English. ∴ Er zijn ook Nederlandse delen, zoals gedichten. iet Wiet Weit Weg

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Welcome to Stijn van Dongen's W3 node, aka home page. Witness some of the things I enjoy in life. Some of these are things I made, mostly programs.

Enjoyable stuff


The Markov Cluster Algorithm (MCL algorithm). A fast scalable algorithm for clustering graphs. More information and advocacy over there.


A macro/programming language. Its main use is the creation of small languages. Perhaps zoem can even ride the wave and claim to be a micro-format meta-language. It has a tex-ish syntax and many powerful programming and processing facilities. Two micro-formats shipped with zoem are for generating manual pages and FAQ documents from a single source, with outputs in HTML, troff, PostScript, PDF, and text. Of these, HTML and troff are primary outputs and the others are derived from those.


Fast command line directory navigation by bookmarks.

Software and projects

Software and related projects. apparix, mcl, PUD, and zoem.


in culture, freedom from trivial patents, freedom in the ways that hardware can be put to use. An intellectual commons that grows rather than shrinks. The right to reverse engineer, the right to fair use. Open protocols and open standards. All these need ever more defending.


To highlight one particular aspect, people may sometimes act in a role of customer or client, but the end-of-pipeline-container label consumer is really a disgrace. Oppose it.


the powerful and hackable page desciption language. Occasionally I (used to) create PostScript drawings and utilities, such as a spiraling tiling, a PostScript label-printing Perl script, and an Ascii to PostScript converter for tsume-go problems.


Much can be said about this game of extreme simplicity and beauty. Some impressions and pointers.


from the realm of science, religion, and the humanities - just a few.


with games, puzzles, and recreational science. This section is very thin, do not expect much of it.


(Dutch) enige gedichten.


(Dutch) Een chronologische lijst met voor mij nieuwe woorden tegengekomen tijdens het spel, hetzij door mezelf geprobeerd of door de tegenstander gelegd.


To illustrate what ascii-art is, this is my humble attempt at a self portrait.

    .` '' '`'..
    :         "
    _   _  _  `
   (   '-  -  )
     `    )  | 
      : `-. '  
       `. _/   

More about ASCII-art and this strange 'ASCII' abbreviation.


Odd bits of software.


I am but one of the Stijn van Dongen collective. It is not clear how many of us roam the earth, but there are quite a few more. LinkedIn very conveniently has aggregrated four, five eight!, one of which is me. I dare not link there lest the little spiders that map the web get very confused. Civil engineering, polymer chemistry, cell biology, real estate, government administration, mental health care, magic the gathering, milieu advies en trading and business are provided by other representatives of the collective.


Should you wonder why I chose to seek cover in the domain, there is a ponderous explanation.

(bad) Lyrics

A page dedicated to the worst lyrics ever.

For corrections, additions, or other reasons, contact me.